Baies de Bacchus
Enjoy flavours reminiscent of different grape varieties in delicious sweets... without any alcohol.

Chocolates Les Baies de Bacchus

An original fusion of two parallel universes

Cocoa trees to chocolate and grapes to wine.

Baies de Bacchus explores new territory, with flavours that blend wonderfully,

in a voluptuous burst of flavours that are successively fleeting and subtle, generous and suave.

The aromatic palettes of different grape varieties offer a great source of inspiration.

They also, and above all, form the basis of a complex language, marvellously interpreted by wine.

Baies de Bacchus celebrate the universal nature of this language, in simple, accessible words, expressed through delicious, harmonious flavours.

Myth has become reality.

The artisanal concept behind the creation of Baies de Bacchus.

The artisanal concept behind the creation of Baies de Bacchus

Each grape variety is interpreted through a pair of flavours, chosen from its aromatic palette.

baies de Bacchus

Our alcohol-free ganache recipes highlight the aromatic balance and quality of all the ingredients (fruit, citrus, and natural flavourings).

The great finesse of selected chocolate contributes to the harmonious expression of each grape variety, as well as roundness and length on the palate.

Baies de Bacchus are the fruit of expertise, patience, and attention to detail.

Our passion...

A few photos cannot show all the work behind the scenes, the experience and technique required at every stage, or the constant quest for excellence.

Made strictly according to recipe, perfecting the chocolate shells and their ganache filling, assembling the moulds and opening them to reveal the finished chocolates.

Baies de Bacchus are then sorted one by one, trimmed, and delicately arranged in boxes, ready for you to share and enjoy!

ready for you to share and enjoy!


baies de Bacchus

Frédéric, the creator

« Starting from a simple, gourmet perspective,
the idea behind Baies de Bacchus grew slowly, and led me into an unexpected adventure.
Fortunately, I found all the necessary talents to make them in Bordeaux or nearby.
So, I would like to say a big thank you to Master Artisan chocolate maker Luc Dorin and his team, who have developed Baies de Bacchus to live up to our enthusiastic ideas.
We like to think that we all work together under the auspices of Bacchus himself
that is, unless Baies de Bacchus are the reflection of our demanding, implacable inner child!
That is for you to decide! »

Frédéric Donnadieu.

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